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Pala Vibora Black Mamba Edition 2019
  • Pala Vibora Black Mamba Edition 2019

Padel Racket Black Mamba Edition 2019

PVP: €272.73
-63% Vibora
Buy the Black Mamba Edition padel racket, the versatile Vibor-a model that improves its performance thanks to the use of new technologies
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Padel Racket Black Mamba Edition 2019

Take advantage of any action to win the point with the Black Mamba Edition 2019 padel racket, Vibora's best-selling model. It maintains its great versatility thanks to its oversize mold and placing the balance right in the middle.

It presents a new manufacturing of the planes using a double layer of carbon, which will increase the resistance and, consequently, the power on the ball. The core is made of EVA rubber and is rough, a perfect combination to enjoy more control.

Vibor-a Black Mamba fluor, analysis

  • Thanks to the Vibora Black Mamba Edition 2019 you will have power and control in equal measure.
  • Maintains soft rubber in the core for exceptional feel and output.
  • 100% carbon construction, using a double layer of this material on the planes.
  • Surprise your rivals with effects thanks to its Coarse Surface technology.
  • The Liquid system improves your comfort by reducing vibrations.
  • Glossy and exposed carbon finish.
  • Included in the advanced range of Vibor-a Padel 2019 rackets.

Who is it for? The perfect weapon for advanced level athletes looking for a balanced racket as well as comfortable to be able to take their best shots and not end up with elbow discomfort.

Why will you like it? For performance and aesthetics. For the first time it goes from matte to gloss, so with the black mamba edition you will become the center of attention with its design in black, fluorescent yellow and gloss varnish.

Find out more about the VIBOR-A brand

Enjoy this sport with Vibora, a Spanish brand of recognized prestige within padel tennis. There are many years of history of the firm, equipping players of the magnitude of Maxi Gabriel, Jacobo Blanco or Belén Montes.

Do like them and equip yourself with their new collection of padel rackets, equipment and accessories. All of them are made with the best materials and technologies to provide unbeatable sensations during the game.

Features Shape: Tear Level: Advanced Play: Polyvalent Weight: 360-380 gr. Profile: 38 mm Player: Man Year: 2019
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