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Vairo Start Spin 6.1
  • Vairo Start Spin 6.1

Vairo Start Spin 6.1

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Padel Racket Vairo Start Spin 6.1 | Fantastic hitting with this Vairo padel racket, a model that is characterized by its control as well as touch thanks to the use of eva rubber in the core
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Vairo Start Spin 6.1 Padel Racket

We present the novelties in Vairo 2022 padel racket, a brand of recognized prestige within the padel tennis. Perfect your game with the new Start Spin 6.1 padel racket in green and white logo, a model characterized by its soft touch thanks to the use of comfort eva rubber inside.

So it hardly generates vibrations and provides a lot of ball output. It will also allow you to place the ball easily since it is a control racket, designed in a round format and with a low balance. The tubular area is made of carbon and a protective has been added. Instead the faces are made of fiberglass, which improves its playability.

Vairo EStart Spin 6.1 green, features

  • Round format with balance close to the hand to control the ball with the Vairo Start Spin 6.1.
  • Ideal control racket for drive players.
  • Fiberglass surface, an elastic material that increases its playability.
  • It incorporates a comfort eva rubber core to eliminate vibrations and play without discomfort.
  • Includes a transparent protective on top.
  • Good resistance thanks to the use of carbon in the tubular.
  • One of the new Vairo 2022 padel tennis rackets.

Who is it for? Indicated for mid-level players who want to improve their game and level up, since it is a very manageable racket that allows you to better control your shots as well as enjoy a game with fewer injuries.

Why will you like it? Because you will be the center of attention thanks to its daring combination in fluorescent green with the central logo and the rest of the details in white. A very striking ty combination that will capture the attention of all your companions.

Find out more about the VAIRO brand

About Vairo Padel we can say that it is a company made up of athletes, its priority is to create products aimed at the player to meet their needs.

This desire makes the brand launch a very complete collection of rackets, designed for all types of players so that they get the most out of each point and, above all, enjoy this sport!

Features Shape: Round Level: Intermediate Play: Control Weight: 365-375 gr. Profile: 38 mm Player: Man Year: 2022 Touch: Soft Main Material Fiberglass Roughness Smooth
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