Star Vie Titania Line 2023 padel bag
  • Star Vie Titania Line 2023 padel bag
  • Star Vie Titania Line 2023 padel bag
  • Star Vie Titania Line 2023 padel bag

Star Vie Titania Line 2023 padel bag

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Star Vie Titania Line | Protect your gear while heading to the match with the new Star Vie Titania Line Padel Bag, a model featuring multiple compartments for your rackets
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Star Vie Titania Line padel bag 2023

The new collection of Star Vie padel bags is now available, where you can choose from a wide variety of models and colors your favorite. Inside, you can find the Star Vie Titania Line Padel Bag designed with several compartments that allow you to store all your gear in an organized way.

Starting with its space, it has a large main pocket as well as another ventilated one to separate shoes or dirty clothes. In addition, your rackets will travel safely to matches thanks to the two side pockets which also have thermo protection.

Star Vie Titania Line Padel Bag in black and blue, features

  • The Star Vie Titania Padel Bag is large-sized.
  • It is made with high-quality fabrics for greater resistance.
  • Padded handles so they don't hurt your shoulders while carrying it.
  • Small pockets to keep keys or mobile phone handy.
  • Ventilated compartment to leave shoes or clothes.
  • Two side pockets with thermo protection for storing the racket.
  • New collection of Star Vie backpacks 2023.

Who is it for? It will undoubtedly become the ally of those who are looking for a backpack with several compartments that allows you to store everything in an organized way so that you can find it quickly. On the other hand, it is made with highly resistant fabrics to protect the racket and everything you carry.

Why will you like it? It will be one of your favorite backpacks for its comfort as although it is medium-sized, it is not too uncomfortable. In addition, thanks to the padded handles, you can carry them without suffering discomfort in your shoulders. Don't wait until it's sold out!

Discover more about the STARVIE brand

Switch to one of the most reputable brands in padel: Star Vie. It has a long history in the sector, always applying the latest technologies to its products to meet the needs of its players.

Enjoy its new collection of padel rackets, equipment, padel bags, and other accessories, we are convinced that you will find the one that best suits you. In addition, it has the support of top ten World Padel Tour players such as Bea Gonzalez, Carolina Navarro, Coki Nieto, or Jesús Moya, among others.

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