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Star Vie Dronos Galaxy 2021
  • Star Vie Dronos Galaxy 2021
  • Star Vie Dronos Galaxy 2021

Star Vie Dronos Galaxy 2021

PVP: €214.88
-11% Star Vie
Star Vie Dronos Galaxy 2021 padel padel | One of the most balanced Star Vie rackets, a novelty for advanced players who want the best performance both in attack and defense
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padel racket Star Vie Dronos Galaxy purple

Let yourself be surprised with the novelties of the best brands in the market. Discover the new Dronos Galaxy padel racket, included in the Star Vie 2021 advanced series. It provides a great balance between power and control due to its oversize design and medium balance.

Latest generation carbon has been used for the structure, reinforcing the areas most exposed to wear. It also has eva soft rubber on the inside for exceptional touch as well as rough technology to enjoy more spin on your topspin or slice shots.

Star Vie Dronos Galaxy purple, features

  • The Star Vie Dronos Galaxy 2021 is very well balanced in power and control.
  • Teardrop format with centered balance.
  • Piece located in the heart that provides great manageability.
  • Soft touch rubber that helps achieve more ball speed.
  • Carbon has been used in both the tubular and the flats.
  • Structural reinforcements that generate stability in the hit.
  • Star drawing that allows to give effects with greater precision.
  • Available in the Star Vie advanced 2021 racket catalogue.

Who is it for? For players who train daily, with an advanced or high level and who like to place the ball with precision in addition to finishing with power. That's why they need a balanced racket to dominate any area of the court.

Why will you like it? Because with the new piece of the heart you will get a quick handling of the racket against any rival ball. In addition, it has a spectacular design in black and purple, highlighting the part of the logo and heart with bright paint.

Find out more about the STARVIE brand

Go to one of the firms with the best reputation in padel: Starvie. It has a long history in the sector, always applying the latest technologies to its products to meet the needs of its players. Enjoy its new collection of padel rackets, kits, bags and other accessories.

We are convinced that you will find the one that best suits you. In addition, he has the support of top ten players from the World Padel Tour such as Mati Díaz, Marcel Jardim, Carolina Navarro or Franco Stupa.

Features Shape: Tear Level: Advanced Play: Polyvalent Weight: 360-380 gr. Profile: 38 mm Player: Man Year: 2021
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