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Royal Padel RP M27 R-Fury 2023
  • Royal Padel RP M27 R-Fury 2023
  • Royal Padel RP M27 R-Fury 2023
  • Royal Padel RP M27 R-Fury 2023

Royal Padel RP M27 R-Fury 2023

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Royal padel padel racket RP M27 R-Fury | Take out the controlled ball in defense with this Royal Padel control racket, a high-performance model that incorporates eva rubber and 3k carbon for a harder touch.
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Padel Racket Royal Padel RP M27 R-Fury red

If you like the classics, we have for you the new edition of the RP M27 R-Fury red padel racket, one of the most liked models and that you can find in the new Royal Padel 2023 collection. It is characterized by its control since It maintains the round format with low balance but it is the hardest of the series, so it offers very good punch.

For this, it has EVA rubber inside, a foam denser than polyethylene and that provides extra hardness. It also features a carbon construction along with 3k hexcel fabric. It also presents roughness in the planes, which improves the effects. Finally, it has Shock Absorption technology to reduce vibrations.

RP M27 R-Fury red, characteristics

  • The Royal Padel RP M27 R-Fury 2023 is the hardest in the series due to the use of eva rubber.
  • It maintains a round format and low balance so you can place the ball effortlessly.
  • Plans reinforced with 12k hexcel carbon fabric.
  • Tubular carbon and reinforced to increase its solidity.
  • Control padel racket that provides extra power in the hit.
  • Embossed surface, allowing you to give the ball more spin.
  • Shock absorption system to reduce vibrations.
  • Advanced series of Royal Padel 2020 rackets.

Who is it for? Aimed at technical players with an advanced level of play who are looking for a control padel racket with a harder touch, since the new Fury combines 3k carbon with eva rubber to achieve a drier touch and achieve greater punch.

Why will you like it? Because it never disappoints in its performance since in each edition its technologies are improved. Also this season it returns with a new exposed carbon design and red details, a very striking combination with which you will draw the attention of your opponents.

Discover more about the ROYAL PADEL brand

We present the new catalog of Royal Padel, one of the most experienced brands in the sector. This season presents new technologies and materials in its new collection of padel rackets, kits, bags and accessories that adapt to all levels and styles of play.

It also has representation on the World Padel Tour courts with some professional players who compete with their official products to win their competitions. Do like them and enjoy the best sensations on the court with the new Royal Padel rackets.

Features Shape: Round Level: Advanced Play: Control Weight: 360-375 gr. Profile: 38 mm Player: Man Year: 2023 Tacto Duro Material Principal Carbono Rugosidad 3d
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