Star Vie Raptor Junior 2.0 2023
  • Star Vie Raptor Junior 2.0 2023

Star Vie Raptor Junior 2.0 2023

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Excellent performance in attack and defense with the new Star Vie Raptor Junior 2.0, a model for children that presents a lighter weight and a thinner grip
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Star Vie Raptor Junior 2.0 2023

Let the little ones enjoy the best sensations on the court with the new Raptor Junior 2.0 padel tennis racket, available in the Star Fri 2023 product catalog. It is a replica of the adult model, with a round format and medium balance to provide a perfect balance. between power and control.

Being a child's padel racket, it has the thinnest handle and reduced weight, making it very manageable. For its construction, fiberglass has been used in addition to soft eva rubber, a combination that generates a softer touch and reduces vibrations to a minimum.

Star Fri Raptor Junior 2.0, features

  • Adaptation of the adult model with light weight and thin cuff of the Star Vie Raptor Junior 2.0.
  • It has a round format that further expands its sweet spot.
  • Focused balance to get a good punch.
  • Quick adaptation thanks to the use of fiberglass in the planes.
  • Very soft touch thanks to the soft eva rubber inside.
  • Excellent ball output.
  • Included in the Star Fri 2023 series of rackets for children.

Who is it for? Focused on little champions, children between the ages of 7 and 12 who are starting to play or already have a medium level and who need a versatile racket adapted to their needs in order to continue improving.

Why will you like it? Because it adjusts to the needs of the smallest, with a thinner weight and size for better manageability. It also returns with a very cool design in red and yellow in addition to the white frame area.

Find out more about the STARVIE brand

Switch to one of the firms with the best reputation in padel tennis: Star vie. It has a long history in the sector, always applying the latest technologies to its products to meet the needs of its players.

Enjoy their new collection of padel tennis rackets, kits, paleto bags and other accessories, we are convinced that you will find the one that best suits you. In addition, it has the support of top ten players on the World Padel Tour, a clear example of the quality of all its products.

Features Shape: Round Level: Initiation, Intermediate Play: Polyvalent Weight: 310-330 gr. Profile: 36 mm Player: Kid Year: 2023 Tacto Blando Material Principal Fibra de vidrio
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