Nox ML10 Luxury Shotgun 2023
  • Nox ML10 Luxury Shotgun 2023
  • Nox ML10 Luxury Shotgun 2023

Nox ML10 Luxury Shotgun 2023

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Padel Racket Nox ML10 Luxury Shotgun 2023 | Get the ball off the court with this Nox power racket, one of Miguel Lamperti's models that is characterized by its diamond shape and higher balance.
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Padel Racket Nox ML10 Luxury Shotgun red and black

For the most demanding we already have the latest Nox Padel 2023 collection available with renewed models for all audiences. Discover the latest edition of the ML10 Luxury Shotgun black and red padel racket , one of the most powerful as it maintains a diamond format with balance at the top, so the sweet spot is smaller.

However, it does not penalize control since it incorporates roughness in addition to HR3 eva rubber that gives it a very comfortable touch. Its construction is 100% carbon along with 12k fabric. It also has an anti-vibration system and 3D rough surface technology to achieve more effects. To finish it has a replaceable smartstrap cord.

Nox ML10 Luxury Shotgun red, features

  • The ML10 Luxury Shotgun is characterized by its diamond mold and high balance.
  • It incorporates a rough surface in relief to improve effects and control the ball.
  • HR3 rubber inside that gives it a lot of sweetness to the touch.
  • Dynamic Structure technology that reinforces the structure and reduces breakage.
  • Carbon construction and 12k fabric for greater resistance.
  • AVS technology to absorb vibrations and generate a more comfortable hit.
  • You can change the safety rope with the new smartstrap system.
  • One of the most powerful rackets of Nox Padel 2023.

Who is it for? In our opinion, it is more focused on advanced players looking for a powerful racket, that is, with a diamond format and balance in the upper part to make the most of hits such as volleys or spikes.

Why will you like it? Although it is a power racket, it maintains a good sweet spot as well as a fairly comfortable touch so as not to lose sensations when hitting. It is also one of Miguel Lamperti's padel rackets and this season it returns with a spectacular black finish, shiny logo and red details.

Find out more about the NOX brand

Enjoy the best sensations on the court with the Nox Sport collection, one of the brands preferred by players. And it is that it has a great representation in the World Padel Tour by the hand of Miguel Lamperti, Agustín Tapia or the Alayeto sisters since they make up their so-called Team Nox.

Get in our online store the complete collection of padel rackets, shoes for men and women, textiles and many more accessories to be able to equip yourself from head to toe like a champion. Discover what Nox Padel can do for you!

Features Shape: Diamond Level: Advanced Play: Power Weight: 360-375 gr. Profile: 38 mm Player: Man Year: 2023 Tacto Semi blando Material Principal Carbono Rugosidad 3d
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