Cordones Nox Smartstrap  Luxury Azul
  • Cordones Nox Smartstrap  Luxury Azul

Nox Smartstrap Luxury Laces Blue

Anticipate falls and bumps in your padel racket with the Luxury lace in blue from the Nox brand, designed with technical and quality fabrics

Nox Smartstrap Luxury Laces Blue

Discover all our accessories at the best price in our online padel store. Discover the Smartstrap Luxury in blue, a lace that is part of the new Nox 2022 collection and that you will not have problems putting on since it is very easy and adapts to all padel rackets.

The touch is very soft so it will not cause itching or irritation from rubbing while you play. In addition, thanks to the use of technical fabrics, it maintains its good condition over time and use, without losing its incredible properties.

Nox Luxury Blue Cord, characteristics

  • The Nox Smartstrap Luxury Blue is soft to the touch so as not to cause discomfort
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • It adapts to any padel racket without any problem
  • Made with quality materials to last you a long time.
  • Protects the racket against falls that can occur when playing.
  • New laces for Nox 2022 padel rackets.

Who is it for? Suitable for any player who takes care of their padel racket and wants to anticipate it taking a hit from a fall. In addition, you can adjust it to the size of your wrist so it will not be annoying while you are competing.

Why will you like it? Because you will be protecting your racket while wearing a very nice and modern design in blue with the brand's logo in white, without a doubt a color that you can combine with your racket and even your padel clothing.

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Enjoy padel tennis with Nox Sport and its wide assortment of padel tennis rackets, sports clothing, racket bags and other accessories of the best quality that you can get at an affordable price.

One more season, it has professional players such as Miguel Lamperti, Agustín Tapia or the Atomic twins collaborating with the firm and representing it on all the courts. Join Team Nox and enjoy the best sensations.

Features Year: 2022
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