Cordones Nox Smartstrap  Luxury Rojo
  • Cordones Nox Smartstrap  Luxury Rojo

Nox Smartstrap Luxury Laces Red

Padel laces Nox Smartstrap Luxury Red | Prevent the racket from slipping out of your hands while you play padel tennis thanks to the Nox brand's Luxury cord, made with quality materials
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Cord for Nox Smartstrap Luxury Red padel racket

Change your old lanyard for a new one from the Nox 2022 collection. Discover the Smartstrap Luxury padel racket lanyard in red, an accessory designed to be placed on the wrist and prevent the padel racket from slipping out of your hands while you're competing.

On the other hand, technical and quality materials have been used to withstand intensive use and sweat without losing its incredible quality. It adapts to any model and is very easy to put on, so it will not take you long.

Red Nox Luxury cord, characteristics

  • The Nox Smartstrap allows you to change your old protective without removing the bottom plug.
  • Smooth texture and sold in packs of one unit.
  • Protect your padel racket from possible blows.
  • Very easy to apply and remove.
  • Fits all your padel rackets.
  • New accessories to play padel Nox 2022.

Who is it for? It is a very good option for those people who have been using the same protective for a long time and want to change it for hygiene. It also helps you protect the padel racket in case it slips from your hands so that it suffers breakage.

Why will you like it? Not only will you have security when playing, but you can also wear a red design with the name of the firm in white letters, a choice of colors that you can wear with any of your rackets.

Find out more about the NOX brand

Enjoy padel tennis with Nox Sport and its wide assortment of padel tennis rackets, sports clothing, racket bags and other accessories of the best quality that you can get at an affordable price.

One more season, it has professional players such as Miguel Lamperti, Agustín Tapia or the Atomic twins collaborating with the firm and representing it on all the courts. Join Team Nox and enjoy the best sensations.

Features Year: 2022
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