Protector Nox WPT Azul Amarillo
  • Protector Nox WPT Azul Amarillo

Nox WPT protective Blue Yellow

Nox WPT Blue Yellow padel racket protective | Extend the life of your padel racket with this Nox protective with a rough surface, we assure you that it offers maximum protection as well as a very cool aesthetic

Rough protective Nox WPT Blue Yellow

Don't worry about bumps or scratches on your racket with the Nox WPT padel protective in blue and yellow from the Nox 2021 accessories catalog. It is a top-quality accessory that offers the best protection against possible bumps or shocks that may occur during the match.

It adapts to any padel shape and fits perfectly in the frame. It is also very easy to install and you can replace it whenever you want, as it incorporates high-strength adhesive and quality materials.

Nox WPT Blue Yellow protective, features

  • The Nox WPT Blue Yellow protective is very light, so it does not add extra weight to the racket.
  • Quality adhesive for quick placement.
  • Compatible with any frame shape and width.
  • Individual packages, 1 unit.
  • Rough surface and design in more colors.
  • Available in the new Nox 2021 accessories collection.

Who is it for? For any cautious player, who protects his racket before playing to avoid possible breakage or chafing. In this way the useful life of the padel racket is extended and it remains in good condition for longer.

Why will you like it? Apart from offering the best protection against shocks, you will also enjoy a very elegant and striking finish as it has a dark blue design and the details of the brand and the WPT logo in fluorescent yellow.

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Features Year: 2021
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