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Nox White wristband with Blue logo

White Nox wristbands with blue logo | Good support and moisture absorption with these Nox wristbands to play padel tennis, an accessory that does not lose properties with use
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Wristbands for padel Nox White and Blue

Prevent sweat from playing tricks on you with the white padel wristbands with navy blue logo from the Nox Padel 2021 accessories catalog. It offers good support as well as preventing drops of sweat from ending up on your hands and arms

They are large Nox wristbands, where different types of fiber have been combined to achieve the best balance between lightness, softness and comfort. In addition, they do not lose properties with use and will help us prevent possible injuries or discomfort during the match.

White wristbands with navy blue logo, features

  • Large size of the Nox wristbands in white with blue logo.
  • They help you dry the sweat on your forehead and arms.
  • They protect the joint from pain or bad gestures.
  • Made with a combination of classic and elastic materials.
  • For sale in packages of 2 units.
  • New Nox accessories for padel 2021.

Who is it for? For any player who wants to eliminate excess moisture in the arms, since they are large wristbands with great absorption power that keep sweat at bay.

Why will you like it? Because its fabrics are soft so it does not cause any discomfort once put on. They also present a most elegant design thanks to the white color combination with the brand's logo embroidered in navy blue.

Find out more about the NOX brand

Come to the Nox Sport team, you will find quality products adapted to all audiences. This season presents a wide collection of padel tennis rackets, clothing, racket bags and accessories so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

In addition, the firm has a lot of representation in the WPT by players such as Miguel Lamperti, Agustín Tapia or the Alayeto sisters, the so-called team nox... And it is not for less, since each year it introduces new materials and technologies so that you perform to the max.

Features Year: 2021
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