NB Matrix 2022
  • NB Matrix 2022
  • NB Matrix 2022

NB Matrix 2022

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NB Matrix 2022 padel racket | Perfect your game with this Enebe padel racket, a very well balanced intermediate level model with which you can attack and defend the point
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NB Matrix Red and Green padel racket

Within the new collection of Enebe Padel 2022 rackets we find a wide variety of models. A new edition of the Matrix padel racket returns, a model that is very popular for its versatility and feel as it has a teardrop format, medium balance and soft rubber.

Thus, the core is made of HR3 soft eva rubber, a soft foam that increases its ball output and also absorbs the vibrations generated by the impact of the ball. For the structure, carbon has been used in the frame and fiberglass in the planes, a more flexible material that provides greater playability.

Enebe Matrix red and green, characteristics

  • The NB Matrix 2022 has an oversize format with contained balance.
  • Semi-soft upper thanks to the EVA Soft HR3 rubber in the core.
  • Made with fiberglass in the planes, which gives it greater playability.
  • Carbon frame area, increasing its resistance to shocks.
  • Quick adaptation thanks to the use of flexible materials.
  • Stable and twist-free hitting.
  • Available in the Enebe Padel 2022 racket catalog.

Who is it for? Designed for players who train regularly and want to progress, as it is a versatile racket that allows you to direct the ball and finish off with power near the net, so it does not disappoint.

Why will you like it? Because it is one of the NB rackets with the best value for money, so you will enjoy all the quality of the brand at a good price. In addition, it returns with a new black design, gray central logo as well as green and red details.

Find out more about the ENEBE brand

Enjoy the best sensations on the court with NB Padel, a well-known brand from Alicante within the sector. After a few years standing still, the firm returns to the fray with a complete collection of padel tennis rackets, clothing and accessories for the entire public.

Don't wait any longer and switch to one of the firms with the best reputation in padel, a pioneer in the use of new technologies to apply to its products and thus satisfy the needs of all its players.

Features Shape: Tear Level: Intermediate Play: Polyvalent Weight: 360-375 gr. Profile: 38 mm Player: Man Tacto Semi blando Material Principal Fibra de vidrio Rugosidad Sin rugosidad
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