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ZP Shoe Bag

King of Padel
Gymsac ideal for storing dirty clothes or padel tennis shoes, design in black colors with the Zona de Padel logo
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ZP Shoe Bag

padel bag to store dirty clothes or carry shoes and that they do not get dirty, it is a bag designed in black colors with the Padel Zone logo and self-closing.

Who is it for? For any player who wants to have the contents of his racket bag tidy and clean.

Why will you like it? Because the padel bag for shoes or dirty clothes is reinforced and will allow you to carry clean clothes separately from the shoes or clothes that we have used in the padel game.

It's good that you know that...

  • The black Gymsac is ideal for putting clothes or shoes.
  • Adjustable closure.
  • Reinforcements on the sides.
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