Padel shoes Joma Master 1000 Men 2301 black 2023
  • Padel shoes Joma Master 1000 Men 2301 black 2023
  • Padel shoes Joma Master 1000 Men 2301 black 2023

Padel shoes Joma Master 1000 Men 2301 black 2023

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Joma Master 1000 Men 2301 black 2023 | Wear the new Joma Master 1000 Men shoes, a special edition that has been designed for the Master Final to equip you like a true padel professional.
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Padel shoes Joma Master 1000 Men 2301 TM100W2301C

Equip yourself with the best footwear you can find in our extensive catalog of sneakers where you have a wide variety of models available to choose from. Inside you have the Master 1000 Men 2301 sneakers available, a model that is part of the new Joma 2023 collection.

For its manufacture, protection technology has been used, which consists of reinforcement in the toe area and on the sides to improve its resistance. On the other hand, it has an EVA rubber insole which provides greater cushioning so you can play without discomfort.

Padel shoes Joma Master 1000 men 2301, characteristics

  • The Joma Master 1000 Men 2301 become a special edition for the Master.
  • Herringbone sole to achieve the best grip on the court.
  • Greater resistance thanks to the DIN-100 rubber reinforcement.
  • The upper part has been designed with nylon and micro PU.
  • EVA rubber insole for good cushioning.
  • VTS technology for good VTS cushioning.
  • New Joma 2023 footwear collection.

Who is it addressed to? Without a doubt, they are perfect for any advanced level player who plays several times a week, so they need shoes that are highly resistant with which they can finish matches without suffering pain or discomfort in their feet.

Why will you like it? Because it is a special edition for the Master so you can be equipped like some of your favorite players. They have also been designed in black with orange details, a classic combination to always be well dressed for your games.

Discover more about the JOMA brand

The Joma Sport brand has been able to adapt to athletes by creating a varied range of products to practice various sports. Padel is no exception and already has representation within the World Padel Tour thanks to players like Juani Mieres.

Discover their new padel shoes, kits and complete collection of padel rackets, we are sure that you will find the one that best suits your needs and always at the best price.

Features Level: Advanced, Intermediate Play: Comfort Year: 2023 Sole: Clay (Spike)
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