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Padel shoes Joma T.SLAM men 2317 petrol 2023
  • Padel shoes Joma T.SLAM men 2317 petrol 2023
  • Padel shoes Joma T.SLAM men 2317 petrol 2023

Padel shoes Joma T.SLAM men 2317 petrol 2023

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High support shoes Joma T.SLAM MEN 2317 petrol | Excellent ankle support and stability with these petroleum-colored Joma T.SLAM MEN 2317 shoes, a model to be able to perform at your best level
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Padel shoes Joma T.SLAM man 2317 TSLAMS2317P

Now you can equip yourself like a professional with the official products of the World Padel Tour. Get now the new T.SLAM MEN 2317 padel tennis shoes in petrol color from the Joma 2023 catalog. They incorporate a clay-type sole to prevent slipping, which offers very good grip on the track.

Regarding its technologies, it incorporates the stabilis stabilizer for greater support as well as the reactive ball system that cushions the impact. It has also been reinforced with DIN-40 abrasion rubber to combat wear and keep them in good condition for more games. To finish, the FLEXO flex lines offer a more natural footprint.

Joma T.SLAM MEN 2317 petrol colour, characteristics

  • Good ventilation thanks to the VTS system of the new Joma T.SLAM MEN 2317 petrol.
  • Seamless textile and synthetic construction, which improves your comfort.
  • Reactiveball technology that offers greater cushioning in each jump.
  • Anti-abrasion reinforcement to prevent wear on the sole pattern.
  • Central stabilizer that improves support on the ankle.
  • Clay-type sole for greater traction on the track.
  • They are part of the official collection for the World Padel Tour.
  • It belongs to the Joma 2023 high-end shoe collection.

Who is it for? Suitable for players who play intensively and seek more stability in their support, since the new T.SLAM MEN 2317 protect our feet from possible ankle sprains.

Why will you like it? Because they really are the most comfortable, with a classic last design as well as a central stabilizer so you'll notice a lot of foot support. It also presents a very cool design with this petrol color combination and blue details on the midsole.

Discover more about the JOMA brand

The Joma Sport firm has known how to adapt to athletes by creating a wide range of products to practice various sports. padel tennis is no exception and it already has representation on the World Padel Tour by players like Juani Mieres or Alba Galán.

Discover their new padel tennis shoes, kits and complete collection of padel tennis rackets, we are sure that you will find the one that best suits your needs and always at the best price.

Features Level: Advanced, Intermediate Play: Comfort Player: Man Year: 2023 Sole: Clay (Spike)
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