Wristbands Head 2.5" red
  • Wristbands Head 2.5" red

Wristbands Head 2.5" red

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Wristbands Head 2.5 red | Enjoy greater support with the short red Head wristbands, an accessory that will prevent arm sweat from reaching your hand and affecting your grip.
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Wristbands padel Head 2.5 red

You already have a wide catalog of accessories available in our online padel tennis store where you can find a large number of accessories to choose from. Within the Head brand collection you can find the 2.5" wristbands in red, which are sold in packs of two units.

This accessory will come in handy for summer days in which the wristbands will help you absorb sweat, thus preventing the padel racket from slipping due to the sweat from your arm that reaches your hand or you can also remove the sweat from your forehead so that it does not fall into your eyes.

Wristbands Head 2.5" in red, characteristics

  • The red Head 2.5" are sold in a pack of two.
  • They help remove sweat from your forehead while you play.
  • They have a soft touch so that it does not cause itching or irritation.
  • They have the embroidered logo of the brand.
  • They prevent sweat from passing to the hands preventing the padel racket from slipping from the hands.
  • Available in the new Head Padel 2023 accessories catalog.

Who is it for? It is aimed at any athlete who wants to prevent sweat from distracting them or bothering them in matches or training sessions and who are looking for a supplement with which they can play padel tennis giving all their performance while avoiding excess sweat on the face and hands.

Why will you like it? Because it is a very useful complement to be able to play with when the temperatures are higher. It has also been designed in red but you can also find them available in other colors in our online store, so you can choose the one you like best.

Find out more about the HEAD brand

Equip yourself with top quality products thanks to Head Padel, one of the brands preferred by most players. In fact, it has a lot of representation on the World Padel Tour thanks to players like Arturo Coelho or Ari Sánchez in the women's team.

This season the Austrian brand is committed to new materials, technologies and colorful designs. Discover in our online store its new collection of padel tennis rackets, men's shoes, women's clothing and more accessories to play padel tennis. You will not be disappointed!

Features Year: 2023
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