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Zapatillas Head Sprint Team 3.0 Men DBTE 2022
  • Zapatillas Head Sprint Team 3.0 Men DBTE 2022
  • Zapatillas Head Sprint Team 3.0 Men DBTE 2022

shoes Head Sprint Team 3.0 Men DBTE 2022

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Head Sprint Team 3.0 Men 2022 padel shoes | Excellent performance on the court with these Head padel shoes, a shoe that brings together the brand's technologies as well as a great design
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Head Sprint Team 3.0 Shoes Black and Blue

Choose the footwear your feet need with the new Head Padel 2022 sneakers . Buy the new edition of the Sprint Team 3.0 Clay Men DBNR sneakers, a model that is characterized by its good price since it has a clay sole so as not to skate as well as flexible materials.

Thus feet combines technical fabric in the upper area with synthetic material to combat wear. They will also incorporate a stabilizer system to prevent dangerous sprains as well as cushioning technology to reduce impact and enjoy a more comfortable ride.

Head Sprint Team 3.0 Features

  • Excellent grip on any track with the clay sole of the Head Sprint Team 3.0 Clay.
  • Combine mesh with synthetic reinforcement for long-lasting durability.
  • Reinforcement in the heel and central part that provide better stability.
  • Avoid bumps and stomps with the toe's drift defense technology.
  • Smoother tread thanks to the cushioning system.
  • They present the best technologies of the brand at a good price.
  • Hybrasion compound to prevent wear and maintain its performance for longer.
  • New catalog of footwear for men Head 2022.

Who is it for? Aimed at boys who train or compete regularly, as they are very complete Head shoes that provide great comfort, strength and durability for your feet.

Why will you like it? Because you will enjoy the best materials and design of the brand at an affordable price. In this edition the sprint team return with a spectacular design in navy blue and details in fluorescent orange, the most eye-catching!

Find out more about the HEAD brand

In recent years, Head Sport has earned its good reputation within the padel, releasing each season a complete collection of padel rackets, shoes, clothing, backpacks and accessories adapted for all audiences and pockets.

So much so that it has a great representation in the WPT. Sanyo Gutiérrez is one of its top representatives. Don't wait any longer and enjoy the best sensations on the court with Head padel products.

Features Player: Man Year: 2022 Sole: Clay (Spike)