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Drop Shot Explorer Pro 4.0
  • Drop Shot Explorer Pro 4.0
  • Drop Shot Explorer Pro 4.0

Drop Shot Explorer Pro 4.0

PVP: €173.55
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Padel Racket de padel Drop Shot Explorer Pro 4.0 | Unbeatable sensations with the new Lucas Campagnolo racket, a Drop Shot racket that offers power and control as well as a spectacular touch when hitting
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Padel Racket Drop Shot Explorer Pro 4.0 2022

Get to know in depth the new catalog of products to play Drop Shot 2022 padel tennis . We present the Explorer Pro 4.0 padel racket in red and gold, a model that you will see in the hands of Lucas Campagnolo, professional player of Woprld Padel Tour. It is characterized by its fantastic balance, so you will have great gameplay.

It presents tear format with medium balance in addition to highly elastic eva tech rubber, achieving very good sensations in comfort. For the exterior, 12k carbon has been used, which gives it great strength and solidity. It also incorporates roughness and anti-vibration technology to eliminate discomfort.

Drop Shot Explorer Pro 4.0 red and gold, features

  • Design of the drop shot Explorer Pro 4.0 in oversize format and contained balance.
  • It becomes an official product of Lucas Campagnolo, WPT player.
  • Unbeatable sensations with the eva tech rubber core.
  • Rough faces to achieve greater effects in your shots.
  • Solid and resistant structure thanks to the use of carbon.
  • You will hardly notice vibrations due to the use of cork system and silicone channel technologies.
  • Avoid breakage or scratches thanks to the integrated protective in the frame area.
  • New collection of high-performance Drop Shot 2022 rackets.

Who is it for? In our opinion it is ideal for high-level athletes who need power and control in equal measure, as the Explorer 4.0 is very well balanced and allows you to respond effectively to any action in the game.

Why will you like it? Because it belongs to the series of official Lucas Campagnolo products, so it brings together the best technologies and design of the brand. You will dazzle thanks to its black finish, red central logo and golden details, spectacular!

Find out more about the DROP SHOT brand

For years DropShot Sport has been one of the most prestigious brands in the sector, becoming one of the favorites by the public. It offers a wide variety of padel rackets, clothing, shoes, padel rackets and quality accessories at a good price.

It works with the best materials and technologies and applies them to its products to achieve superior performance. It currently has the representation of professional players such as Juan Martín Díaz, Lucas Campagnolo, Eduard Bainad or Eva Gayoso, a clear example of the quality of its padel tennis rackets.

Features Shape: Tear Level: Advanced Play: Polyvalent Weight: 360-375 gr. Profile: 38 mm Nucleus: 38 mm Player: Man Year: 2022
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