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Drop Shot Power 2.0
  • Drop Shot Power 2.0
  • Drop Shot Power 2.0

Drop Shot Power 2.0

PVP: €190.08
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Padel Racket de pádel Drop Shot Power 2.0 | Bring out your punchiest side with this advanced Drop Shot racket, a diamond-shaped model, high balance and soft rubber to improve sensations
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Padel Racket Drop Shot Power 2.0 Roja

Win your matches with powerful shots thanks to the new black and red Power 2.0 padel racket, a model of fantastic power that Drop Shot 2022 has developed. Like its predecessor, it has been designed with a diamond shape and high balance but with soft eva rubber to improve its touch.

Thus, it generates very good sensations and ball output. For the exterior structure, 100% carbon has been used for greater strength and to avoid possible breakage. It also has energy pro technology for superior performance, roughness on the surface and an anti-vibration system to avoid discomfort.

Drop Shot Power 2.0 red, features

  • The Drop Shot Power 2.0 is a power padel racket due to its diamond format with high balance.
  • energy pro technology to maintain control and respond more effectively.
  • Solid and rigid structure thanks to the use of carbon and black system.
  • 3D surface that provides greater effects.
  • Softer and more comfortable hitting thanks to the anti-vibration technology of the fist.
  • Double tubular that provides greater solidity.
  • Eva soft rubber core for unbeatable sensations.
  • One of the most powerful padel racket of Drop Shot 2022.

Who is it for? It is more focused on players with an offensive profile since it offers very good punching due to its format and balance, so it will help you get powerful shots to win the point.

Why will you like it? Although it is a power padel racket, it does not neglect comfort thanks to the soft rubber and anti-vibration technology. It also returns with a very cool design, combining the color black with reddish tones and a green heart.

Find out more about the DROP SHOT brand

For years Drop Shot Sport has been one of the most prestigious brands in the sector, becoming one of the favorites by the public. It offers a wide variety of padel rackets, clothing, shoes, padel rackets and quality accessories at a good price.

It works with the best materials and technologies and applies them to its products to achieve superior performance. It currently has the representation of professional players such as Juan Martín Díaz, Eduard Bainad or Eva Gayoso, a clear example of the quality of its padel tennis rackets.

Features Shape: Diamond Level: Advanced Play: Power Weight: 365-375 gr. Profile: 38 mm Player: Man Year: 2022 Touch: Semi-soft Main Material Carbon Roughness 3d
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