Bullpadel Elite Woman 2024
  • Bullpadel Elite Woman 2024
  • Bullpadel Elite Woman 2024
  • Bullpadel Elite Woman 2024

Bullpadel Elite Woman 2024

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Bullpadel Elite W 2024 woman padel racket | Get the new Elite padel racket in dual color, returning with improved features from Bullpadel and becoming the official product of Gemma Triay.
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Bullpadel Elite Woman 2024 padel racket

Introducing the winning racket of Gemma Triay: the new edition of the Elite Woman padel racket developed by Bullpadel 2024 with improved features. It retains the teardrop mold and medium balance, so it is very well balanced. Additionally, its lightweight and the Air React Channel technology make it very manageable.

The main change is found in the materials as this edition presents carbon in the frame in addition to xtend 3k fibers in the planes to achieve a harder touch. It also features a multieva core of two densities for a spectacular touch as well as hesacore and vibradrive to eliminate vibrations. Lastly, the heart has been reinforced to achieve greater stability.

Bullpadel Elite W Gold, features:

  • The Bullpadel Elite W 2024 combines an oversize shape with medium balance.
  • New dual-color aesthetic of Gemma Triay's racket.
  • Frame construction with carbon to achieve greater resistance.
  • Multieva rubber on the inside that provides a perfect balance between power and comfort.
  • New surface in xtend 3k fibers for a drier touch.
  • Thanks to its lightweight and Air React Channel technology, its aerodynamics are improved.
  • Combines the hesacore grip along with the vibradrive technology to achieve the perfect grip.
  • One of the best women's rackets Bullpadel 2024.

Who is it aimed at? Suitable for advanced level players, who usually play several times a week and need a balanced and light racket as the Elite is very well balanced so you will have control in defense as well as good hitting near the net.

Why will you like it? Because aesthetically it's amazing. This season it returns with a different design on each side: one of them is black and pink and the other combines white with black logo and part of the pink heart. One of the most beautiful on the market!

Discover more about the BULLPADEL brand

Enjoy the best experience on the court with Bullpadel products, one of the players' favorite brands. And in the World Padel Tour, it has the representation of players such as, for example, Paquito Navarro, Juan Tello, Fede Chingotto or Martín Di Nenno in addition to Ale Salazar or Gemma Triay in the women's draw.

Get the new collection of padel rackets, sneakers, clothing, racket bags, and other accessories in our online store. We assure you that you will find products for all tastes, player styles, and pockets as their catalog is adapted to the needs of all players.

Features Shape: Tear Level: Advanced Play: Polyvalent Weight: 350-360 gr. Profile: 38 mm Player: Woman Year: 2024 Touch: Hard Main Material Carbon Roughness Smooth
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