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Padel shoes Bullpadel Hack Vibram 23I black white
  • Padel shoes Bullpadel Hack Vibram 23I black white
  • Padel shoes Bullpadel Hack Vibram 23I black white

Padel shoes Bullpadel Hack Vibram 23I black white

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Padel shoes Bullpadel Hack Vibram 23I high-end black white | Play like the professionals with the new Hack Vibram shoes from Bullpadel that have been designed with an EVA midsole for greater comfort
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Padel shoes Bullpadel Hack Vibram 23I HAVIB005-012

Let nothing stop you on the court with the new collection of footwear from the Bullpadel brand that is now available to buy in our online padel store. Buy the new Hack Vibram 23I padel shoes in black and white that have been designed with a hybrid sole that provides great grip on the court.

Its design has been designed to provide great comfort, which is why it has cushioning in the midsole with EVA rubber to avoid impacts in the heel area. Furthermore, thanks to the external fin on the side, it provides great stability to avoid foot twists.

Padel shoes Bullpadel Hack Vibram 23I black and white, characteristics

  • The Bullpadel Hack Vibram 23I in black and white have been designed with the Vibram sole for better grip on the court.
  • Rear stabilizer in the midsole to prevent foot twists.
  • Ortholite insole that provides great cushioning as well as sweat perspiration.
  • Tensioners in the lace area to achieve greater grip of the shoe on the foot.
  • Tongue with micro perforations to promote sweat perspiration.
  • Dual density sole combining EVA rubber to achieve greater cushioning.
  • Reinforced rubber toe cap to prevent wear and tear.
  • New collection of men's footwear for padel tennis 2023.

Who is it addressed to? It is perfect for all those people who play padel tennis very frequently and do it intensely, so they need shoes that give them maximum cushioning on the court to avoid suffering pain or discomfort in the foot.

Why will you like it? Because they have been designed in black with white details, a simple combination but one that you can combine with a large number of garments. Furthermore, thanks to all the technologies they combine, they become some of the most comfortable in the entire collection.

Discover more about the BULLPADEL brand

BullPadel Sport has been in the padel sector for many years, offering high-performance products to the entire public. Each season surprises us with a varied collection of padel rackets, sports, textile, padel rackets and accessories adapted to the needs of each player.

In addition, for a few years it has become an official sponsor of the WPT, collaborating with the best circuit in the world and having the support of professional players such as Paquito Navarro, Juan Tello, Fede Chongotto or Alejandra Salazar in the women's team.

Features Level: Advanced Play: Ligereza Player: Man Year: 2023 Sole: Clay Padel
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