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t-shirt Bullpadel Aires cherry vigore
  • t-shirt Bullpadel Aires cherry vigore
  • t-shirt Bullpadel Aires cherry vigore

t-shirt Bullpadel Aires cherry vigore

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Breathable T-shirt Bullpadel Aires cherry vigore | Discover the new 2023 Bullpadel collection where you can buy the clothes that professional players like Paquito Navarro or Martin Di Nenno will wear

Padel t-shirt for men Bullpadel Aires cherry vigore

Enjoy playing padel tennis while you equip yourself with high-quality clothing thanks to the new textile collection of the Bullpadel brand that you can now find in our online padel tennis store. Buy the new Aires shirt that has been designed in red and that you can find in a wide variety of colors to choose from.

This model stands out for how comfortable it is once it is on, since it has been designed with Drynamic technology that allows you to carry out all movements with complete freedom. It is also perfect for avoiding excessive sweating as it has been designed with highly breathable fabrics.

T-shirt for padel tennis Bullpadel Aires in red color, characteristics

  • The Bullpadel Aires has been designed in a wide variety of colors.
  • Greater resistance to use and wear thanks to its polyester fabric.
  • It gives you great freedom in all movements thanks to the Drynamic technology.
  • It does not accumulate liquids so that you stay free of sweat throughout the game.
  • Red design with blue details.
  • You can find it within the new Bullpadel 2023 collection.

Who is it for? It is an ideal garment for those people who go to the gym or do high-intensity sports such as padel tennis, so they need clothing that allows perspiration to prevent excess sweat from accumulating while you play.

Why will you like it? You will like it for its high quality that makes it more resistant to be able to play with it for a long time. It has also been designed in the most striking red color so that you can equip yourself like a professional, it will become your favorite!

Discover more about the BULLPADEL brand

Go to Bullpadel, without a doubt the brand that is most fashionable among players. And it is not for less, since this season he has managed to gather Paquito Navarro, Juan Tello, Fede Chingotto, Delfi Brea or Alejandra Salazar among others in his cast of WPT star players.

Do like them, and start using their padel tennis rackets, shoes, sportswear and other accessories, you will love them for their benefits and also for their design. Set trends on and off the track with the brand's new collection, we are convinced that you will find the one that best suits your needs.

Features Player: Man Year: 2023
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