Bullpadel Hack 03 Junior 2023
  • Bullpadel Hack 03 Junior 2023
  • Bullpadel Hack 03 Junior 2023

Bullpadel Hack 03 Junior 2023

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Paquito Navarro's racquet now in its children's version, the perfect replica for the little ones in the house, to enjoy and win matches.
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Bullpadel Hack 03 Junior 2023

More and more children are fond of this sport, who want to start and want to do it with quality products. Get the new Hack 03 Junior padel tennis racket in gray, an adaptation of the model used by Paquito Navarro. It maintains the more diamond format but with a focused balance to provide power and control in the hit.

It has been manufactured with a thinner profile and handle as well as reduced weight, making it more manageable for children. For its construction, it incorporates carbon in the frame together with fiberglass in the planes to favor a quick adaptation. Finally, it offers a more comfortable touch thanks to the soft eva rubber.

Bullpadel Hack 03 for children, features:

  • Design of the Bullpadel Hack 03 JR 2023 with light weight, between 335 - 345 grams.
  • Versatile racket thanks to the oversize diamond mold with a more focused balance.
  • It provides great playability since it has been made with flexible materials.
  • Great resistance with the carbon of the frame and heart hack.
  • Fiberglass surface for quick adaptation.
  • Eva soft rubber core for an incredible touch.
  • It belongs to the novelties of Bullpadel padel racket for children 2023.

Who is it for? Designed for children with a medium level of play who want to have the best performance in attack and defense, since it has a diamond format with a medium balance, so it is very well compensated. In addition, its light weight makes it very manageable.

Why will you like it? Because you will not only have the best performance during the game but you will also enjoy a great finish since it is the replica of Paquito Navarro's racket. So it presents a design in black, gray and blue details.

Discover more about the BULLPADEL brand

Equip yourself with the best products to play padel tennis thanks to BullPadel Sport, one of the brands preferred by players. In the WPT it has the representation of players such as: Paquito Navarro, Juan Tello, Alejandra Salazar or Delfi Brea.

This season presents a complete collection of padel tennis rackets, shoes, clothing and paleta bags for all tastes and pockets. Do not wait any longer and find what you are looking for in its new collection, we assure you that you will enjoy the best sensations on the track.

Features Shape: Diamond Level: Intermediate Play: Polyvalent Weight: 330-350gr. Profile: 36 mm Player: Kid Year: 2023 Tacto Blando Material Principal Fibra de vidrio Rugosidad Sin rugosidad
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