Bullpadel Vertex Hybrid Fly 22 royal blue sneakers
  • Bullpadel Vertex Hybrid Fly 22 royal blue sneakers
  • Bullpadel Vertex Hybrid Fly 22 royal blue sneakers

Bullpadel Vertex Hybrid Fly 22 royal blue sneakers

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Padel shoes Bullpadel Vertex Hybrid Fly 22 royal blue | Compete like a professional with the new Vertex Hybrid Fly 22 from the Bullpadel brand, a model that becomes Fede Chingotto's official footwear
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Bullpadel Vertex Hybrid Fly 22 royal blue padel shoes

Be the first to bring the collections that all players are looking for and that you can find in our online padel store at the best price. Buy the Vertex Hybrid Fly padel shoes in blue, a Bullpadel 2022 model designed with the hybrid sole to give you the best traction.

At first glance you will like them since they have been designed combining the blue with the red of the sole, without a doubt a most striking choice that will triumph. On the other hand, the laces are fastened through tensioners, which will give a greater grip and prevent it from losing its shape due to use.

Bullpadel Vertex Hybrid Fly 22 in royal blue, features

  • The Bullpadel Vertex Hybrid Fly 22 have been designed with the hybrid sole for great traction
  • Wear due to abrasion is reduced thanks to the reinforcements in the sole.
  • Fin in the lateral area to achieve greater stability when moving.
  • It has been designed with mesh fabric for great perspiration of sweat.
  • The sole combines the clay pattern with the studs and a rotation axis.
  • Lateral movement system to achieve greater cushioning in each movement.
  • Flex rift technology to be able to flex the foot more easily.
  • Latest collection of top-of-the-range shoes Bullpadel 2022.

Who is it for? It is perfect for people who train several times a week and who want a shoe that they can play with for a long time without losing the quality of the beginning.

Why will you like it? Because they have been designed with exclusive technologies of the Bullpadel brand so that you can give it your all on the track, in addition, the color blue has been chosen together with red, a most striking combination.

Find out more about the BULLPADEL brand

BullPadel Sport has been in the padel sector for many years, offering high-performance products to the public. Each season surprises us with a varied collection of padel rackets, sports, textiles, padel bags and accessories adapted to the needs of each player.

In addition, for a few years it has become an official sponsor of the WPT, collaborating with the best circuit in the world and with the support of professional players such as Paquito Navarro, Juan Tello or Alejandra Salazar.

Features Level: Advanced Play: Ligereza Player: Man Year: 2022 Sole: Clay (Spike), Clay Padel
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