Bullpadel Flow Light 2022
  • Bullpadel Flow Light 2022
  • Bullpadel Flow Light 2022

Bullpadel Flow Light 2022

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One of the most complete Bullpadel rackets for women, it stands out for its excellent balance between power, control and comfort as well as a new image
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Bullpadel Flow Light 2022

Enjoy the best sensations on the court with the Flow Light padel racket, an intermediate Bullpadel 2022 model designed for the most demanding women. This season it returns with a new image but maintains its characteristic teardrop mold with a medium balance that has given such good results. .

On the other hand, it has a lower weight, so it is very manageable. For its manufacture, carbon has been used in the frame and fiberglass on the surface for a more elastic touch. It also incorporates eva soft rubber for incredible comfort and output as well as a transparent protective to avoid bumps.

Bullpadel Flow Light gray and coral, features:

  • The Bullpadel Flow Light 2022 is very manageable due to its lower weight.
  • padel racket for balanced women, with oversize format and contained balance.
  • Unbeatable sensations when hitting thanks to the soft rubber inside.
  • Greater resistance with the carbon tubular construction and streinforce reinforcement.
  • Fiberglass planes for quick adaptation and better sensations.
  • Heart with doublebridge design that increases the manageability and playability of the racket.
  • It incorporates a light and transparent protective to place in the frame.
  • New collection of rackets for women Bullpadel 2022.

Who is it for? For mid-level athletes who want to improve as it is a very well balanced padel racket, lighter in weight to handle it more comfortably and with a semi-soft touch to reduce vibrations.

Why will you like it? Because each season it becomes one of the best-selling padel rackets for women, and it is not for less since it offers the best performance and a very cool design. In this edition it returns with a combination of gray, coral logo and black details that make it the most eye-catching.

Find out more about the BULLPADEL brand

Equip yourself with the best products to play padel tennis thanks to BullPadel Sport, one of the brands preferred by players. In the WPT it has the representation of players such as: Paquito Navarro, Juan Tello, Alejandra Salazar or Delfi Brea.

This season presents a complete collection of padel rackets, shoes, clothes and bags for all tastes and pockets. Do not wait any longer and find what you are looking for in its new collection, we assure you that you will enjoy the best sensations on the track.

Features Shape: Tear Level: Advanced Play: Polyvalent Weight: 350-360 gr. Profile: 38 mm Nucleus: 38 mm Player: Woman Year: 2022