Carro Presurizador Pascal Box Profesional
  • Carro Presurizador Pascal Box Profesional
  • Carro Presurizador Pascal Box Profesional

Pascal Box Professional Pressurizer Cart

PVP: €925.62
-11% Bullpadel
Pascal Box charger for padel and tennis balls | Get this charger to recover the pressure of padel and tennis balls, a cart to pressurize the balls and always have the perfect boat

Pascal Box Pellet Pressurizer Cart

If you want to always play with the balls in perfect condition, buy the Pascal Box professional pressure cart. It is a padel cart with a capacity for 72 balls and with a small electric charger to recover the pressure of the balls day after day.

It is used for both padel and tennis balls and can be used by any padel tennis player, monitor or club. Thanks to its design you can adjust it to different heights in addition to transporting it comfortably thanks to its wheels. It also incorporates a support for ball tubes.

Pascal Box adjustable trolley, features

  • With the pascal box pressurizer the balls will always have a perfect bounce.
  • It has a capacity for 72 balls.
  • You can adjust the height of the cart and move it comfortably.
  • Includes a small electric compressor.
  • Supports for ball tubes.
  • You can use it on both padel and tennis balls.

Who is it for? Designed for padel clubs or instructors but also for the player who wants to maintain good pressure and the balls in perfect condition, since with the pascal box you will always have the perfect performance on the balls.

Why will you like it? Because you will extend the useful life of the balls, since when they lose pressure you can reload them. This way you won't have to load them as often and you'll save money since you won't have to buy cans or boxes of balls as often.

Find out more about the PASCAL BOX

If you are a padel professional, that is, as a club or monitor, you will know how important it is to always play with the balls in perfect condition and with the optimal pressure. The cart for professionals has been developed to load the pressure and always have a perfect boat.

Discover what this pressurizer can do for you and always train at the best level. It is valid for both tennis or padel balls and depending on the ambient temperature or the surface you play on, you can decide what pressure you want.