Wristband Bidi Badu Lil Move pink
  • Wristband Bidi Badu Lil Move pink

Wristband Bidi Badu Lil Move pink

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Wristband Small size wristbandBidi Badu Lil Move pink | Dry hands with the Bidi Badu Lil Move short wristbands in pink and white logo, one of the favorites by the public for its design and materials
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Wristband padel Bidi Badu Lil Move pink

If you need to renew your old accessories, do it with the new catalog of Bidi Badú 2023 wristbands. There you will find the Lil Move padel wristband in pink, essential for doing sports on hot days because even if they are shorter in size, they will not wear off. no drop of sweat escapes.

To achieve these benefits, they have been manufactured with quality materials and the most resistant. So they remain as the first day no matter how many uses you give them. Finally, they also offer very good support, so they protect the joint and prevent wrist injuries.

Bidi Badu Lil Move Short Wristbands in Pink Features

  • Shorter size of the Bidi Badu Lil Move in pink.
  • You can easily wipe sweat off your face and arms.
  • Buying a package, you will have 2 units.
  • They combine cotton and latex.
  • Once applied they are soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • Catalog of accessories for Bidi Badu2023 padel tennis.

Who is it for? In our opinion, they are perfect for players who train and compete regularly and are looking for quality wrist wraps to have a dry grip, as they offer high absorption power.

Why will you like it? Because they do not lose their quality with use and washing, so they will always perform like the first day. In addition, its design in pink and white logo is very cool, although you can also choose other colors if pink does not convince you much.

Find out more about the Bidi Badu brand

Discover the new German sportswear brand Bidi Badu, which has a large number of garments to play sports such as tennis or padel tennis. Their clothing has been manufactured with the highest quality to give you fabrics that resist while allowing you to play comfortably.

In addition, his designs are characterized by being the most striking since they are inspired by the African lifestyle and his more relaxed mentality, this is very present in all his clothes. You can now find in our padel store the new collection of clothing for both women and men of the Bidi Badu brand, you will love it!

Features Year: 2023
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