Camiseta tirantes BB Jelena
  • Camiseta tirantes BB Jelena
  • Camiseta tirantes BB Jelena
  • Camiseta tirantes BB Jelena

BB Jelena tank top

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Padel shirt BB Jelena 2021 | Fantastic T-shirt for women by BB, made with technical and breathable materials so you can perform at your best level on the court.
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T-shirt for women BB Jelena Gray and Black

Get the new BB by Belén Berbel 2021 women's kits, one of the brands that athletes like the most. Buy the BB Jelena padel t-shirt in grey, black and orange trim. It is made with elastic fibers so it will give you the fit you need.

On the other hand, it is highly breathable as it expels sweat to the outside to keep your skin cool so you can concentrate on winning your matches. It also maintains its benefits when in use and generates a soft touch once put on, respecting your skin.

Grey, black and orange Jelena BB top, features

  • The BB BB Jelena combines gray with black and orange trim.
  • Polyester and lycra have been used for a perfect fit.
  • Quick drying to be more comfortable doing sports.
  • On the outside court it will protect you from the sun's rays.
  • Elastic fibers so you can move more freely.
  • It belongs to the BB Padel 2021 padel tops catalog.

Who is it for? The perfect alternative for girls who do sports regularly and want a technical kit that can withstand use in good condition and that is also beautiful to look great on the track.

Why will you like it? Because its fibers are soft and all the seams have been finished flat, so it doesn't feel itchy while you're wearing it. You will also like it because of its impeccable half gray, half orange design with orange trim.

Find out more about the BB BELEN BERBEL brand

BB was born on November 25, 2013. In a short time, the firm expanded to 50 points of sale throughout the country. Enthusiasm and motivation is what has made the sportswear firm great, as well as working with other international points of sale.

Today we are also part of the great Starvie team designing and manufacturing women's clothing, Starvie by BB, and thus dressing the best players in the world of padel and the World Padel Tour.

Features Player: Woman Year: 2021
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