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Wristbands Babolat Logo Jumbo white aereo
  • Wristbands Babolat Logo Jumbo white aereo

Wristbands Babolat Logo Jumbo white aereo

PVP: €8.26
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Wristbands Babolat Logo Jumbo Longer White & Fluo | Get the new white Babolat Logo Jumbo padel wristbands with yellow details at the best price, a pack of 2 units to combat sweating

Wristbands padel Babolat Logo Jumbo white aereo

Take advantage of the fact that we already have the latest accessories available to play padel tennis to renew your old padel tennis wristbands. Get the best price for the new longer Logo Jumbo wristbands in white and dark details, designed with the best Babolat 2023 fabrics to achieve the best performance.

Thus, they combine classic fibers with techniques, offering great comfort as well as absorption and durability. We assure you that you can wash and use them intensively without losing properties. To finish you can get them in packages of 2 units, so you will have one for each hand.

Wristbands Babolat Logo Jumbo Long in White and Yellow Features

  • The white Babolat Logo Jumbo features the air gray logo and a yellow trim as decoration.
  • They are sold in a pack of 2 units.
  • They are designed to provide great absorption, something that is appreciated on the hottest days.
  • Mix different fabrics: 70% nylon, 18% rubber and 12% elastane.
  • You will notice the wrist more subject, thus reducing injuries in that area.
  • They are highly absorbent, so you will enjoy dry hands.
  • Babolat accessories catalog for padel tennis 2023.

Who is it for? We think that they are suitable for both male and female players, since their design is very neutral. So they can be used to avoid discomfort in the joint as well as avoid excessive sweating in the arms since the Babolat Jumbo shoes are very absorbent.

Why will you like it? Undoubtedly due to its fantastic white design combined with the dark logo as well as a fluorescent yellow trim. However, they are also available in more classic colors in case you find this model too daring, choose your favourite!

Find out more about the BABOLAT brand

Since Babolat began to manufacture padel tennis products, it has had a great evolution. He is currently represented on the courts of the World Padel Tour by Juan Lebrón, one of the best players on the circuit and who also has a whole line of official products for him.

Take advantage of our discounts at Babolat to get the new collection of padel tennis rackets, shoes, clothing and padel bags at the best price. We are convinced that you will find the product that best suits your needs. So don't wait any longer and enjoy the best sensations with Babolat.

Features Year: 2023
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