Overgrips Babolat Pro Tour x3 blue
  • Overgrips Babolat Pro Tour x3 blue

Overgrips Babolat Pro Tour x3 blue

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Overgrips for Babolat Pro Tour racket x3 blue | Improve the grip of your racket with the new pack of three Pro Tour overgrips from Babolat, designed to prevent the accumulation of sweat while you play.

Overgrips Babolat Pro Tour x3 blue

Get hold of the best accessories and complements of the Babolat brand that you can already find in our extensive catalogue. Inside you can find the pack of 3 overgrips in blue from Babolat's signature designed to improve the grip of the handle of your racket so that nothing stops you!

Once it is on, it is very comfortable since it also helps to avoid the excess of the racket in the hand so that you can get a good grip without it slipping from your hands. On the other hand, it is a very light accessory so it will not add unnecessary weight to your racket once it is on.

Babolat pack 3 overgrips Pro Tour in blue color, characteristics

  • Babolat's blue Pro tour overgrips are sold in a pack of three.
  • 0.6 mm thickness for a good grip on the racket.
  • It favors the perspiration of the sweat so that the padel racket does not slip.
  • It does not add extra weight to your racket.
  • It is very easy to put on and take off will not take you long.
  • Babolat 2023 padel accessories.

Who is it for? Without a doubt, it is perfect for those people who want to improve the grip of the padel tennis racket while playing, since the Babolat pro tour overgrip gives a greater thickness so that you can give your best shots without being limited by anything.

Why will you like it? You will like them because they are sold in a pack of three units so you can place it on your padel racket if you have several or keep them as a spare. They are also of high quality so that you can play while avoiding injuries to your hands.

Find out more about the BABOLAT brand

Since Babolat Padel began to manufacture padel products, it has had a great evolution. It is currently one of the favorite brands for players, since it has a wide variety of padel tennis rackets, shoes, clothing and paleta bags to choose the one that best suits our needs.

Thanks to his work and effort, he has become one of the main sponsors of the World Padel Tour. Some of the best players on the circuit such as Juan Lebrón or Victoria Iglesias compete with their products, so don't wait any longer and enjoy the best sensations with Babolat.

Features Year: 2023
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