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Zapatillas Babolat Jet Premura Men Green Sulphur Spring 2021
  • Zapatillas Babolat Jet Premura Men Green Sulphur Spring 2021

shoes Babolat Jet Premura Men Green Sulphur Spring 2021

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Babolat Jet Premura Men Green Sulfur Spring 2021 padel shoes | New edition of the top-of-the-range Babolat Padel shoes, a shoe that presents the best innovations on the market as well as a spectacular design
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Babolat Jet Premura Men 30S21752-8004 Shoes

We are the first to present the new Padel Babolat 2021 shoes in our online store. Discover the latest edition of the Jet Premura Men Green Sulfur Spring padel shoes, the shoes that players like the most for performance, comfort and design.

They maintain the characteristic 100% padel sole that combines a clay pattern with a heel to provide you with great grip. It also has a stabilizing and cushioning system for a smooth and firm tread. In addition, they incorporate the Matryx system that provides incredible lightness and flexibility.

Babolat Premura green shoes, characteristics

  • 100% padel sole for a perfect attraction of the Babolat Jet Premura Men Green Sulfur Spring 2021.
  • Fight wear and tear with the ultra-resistant fabric used in the outer structure.
  • Reinforcements in the lateral areas to prevent torsion.
  • It cushions impacts thanks to the KPRS-X system in the heel.
  • Removable insole and foam for great comfort.
  • Greater flexibility with the 360 Flex System integrated in the sole.
  • Construction with flexible materials and fabrics.
  • Included in the Babolat Padel 2021 shoe catalog.

Who is it for? Designed for expert players, who train almost daily and need comfortable and light padel tennis shoes that also ensure the best grip to be able to move around without fear of falling.

Why will you like it? Because you will enjoy exceptional durability thanks to the collaboration of companies such as Michelin and Monto. They also return with a new design in the most spectacular green tones, they will not disappoint you!

Find out more about the BABOLAT brand

The sports brand Babolat Sport begins its journey in tennis but over time it is introduced in the padel market, with a wide catalog of padel rackets, shoes, padel rackets and accessories adapted for all audiences.

Top players like the Alayeto twins, Jordi Muñoz or Miguel Lamperti compete with their footwear collection. Do not hesitate and equip yourself with the firm of French origin to enjoy the best sensations with its spring - summer 2019 padel collection.

Features Level: Advanced Play: Comfort Player: Man Year: 2021 Sole: Omni
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