Adidas Metalbone Team Light
  • Adidas Metalbone Team Light
  • Adidas Metalbone Team Light

Adidas Metalbone Team Light

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Adidas Metalbone Team Light ADRK2CA0U0012F | Discover the groundbreaking Adidas Metalbone Team Light 2024 padel racket. With advanced technology and impeccable design, it's your perfect partner to win all your matches
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Adidas Metalbone Team Light Padel racket

The Adidas Metalbone Team Light 2024 is a perfect testament to Adidas' commitment to leading-edge padel racket technology. This racket integrates the groundbreaking Octagonal Structure technology, designed to provide unmatched rigidity and empower each hit with unparalleled precision. With its octagonal section design and sandy roughness, the Metalbone Team Light stands out for its unmatched feel and ability to generate powerful effects.

Made with fiberglass in its frame and planes, this racket offers a semi-soft feel and provides exceptional sensations in every game. The low-density EVA rubber guarantees a remarkable ball exit and offers unmatched comfort, while its lightweight nature makes it an ideal choice for those seeking agility and rapid movements on the padel court.

Features of the Adidas Metalbone Team Light 2024 padel racket

  • Unparalleled rigidity thanks to the Octagonal Structure technology in the tubular.
  • Sandy roughness to enhance effects with each hit.
  • Manufactured with fiberglass in frames and planes for a pleasant feel.
  • Low-density EVA rubber for an excellent ball exit and comfort in the game.
  • Part of the Adidas 2024 padel racket collection.

Who is it for?

This racket is specially designed for advanced or intermediate level players looking for a lightweight tool with a wide sweet spot. Thanks to its round shape and medium balance, its hitting surface is expansive, making it easier to return even the most off-center balls.

Why will you love it?

You'll adore the Adidas Metalbone Team Light 2024 for its blend of maneuverability and design. Its lightweight nature allows for swift movements on the padel court, and its aesthetics, featuring black planes, white logo, and dark blue frame, display unique boldness and style.

Learn more about the Adidas brand

Adidas is an iconic brand with a rich history in the sports universe. From its inception, it has been a benchmark for quality, innovation, and design. Its legacy has been crafted through years of dedication to athletes and fans, delivering equipment that makes a difference.

In the realm of padel, Adidas has set new standards of excellence. Their rackets are a testament to innovation and quality, reflecting their unwavering commitment to athletes seeking the best. By choosing Adidas, you're opting for decades of experience, passion, and performance.

Features Shape: Round Level: Advanced, Intermediate Play: Control Weight: 350-360 gr. Profile: 38 mm Player: Woman Year: 2024 Tacto Blando Material Principal Fibra de vidrio Rugosidad Lija
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