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Adidas ProTour Backpack Orange
  • Adidas ProTour Backpack Orange
  • Adidas ProTour Backpack Orange

Adidas ProTour Backpack Orange

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Adidas ProTour BackPack Orange padel backpack | If you move by motorcycle or bicycle, this Adidas padel backpack will be perfect for you since it is small and has a large number of large pockets.

Small orange Adidas Protour padel backpack 2022

Take a look at the new 2022 Adidas bag collection that comes loaded with new features. Discover the ProTour backpack in orange, a very comfortable padel backpack that is ideal for those people who carry few things to training.

Regarding space, you can store only what is necessary, which is why it has two pockets, one to store the padel racket and the other to store towels, clothes or shoes. In addition, two side pockets have been incorporated to store personal items without having to lose them all over the backpack.

Orange Adidas ProTour bag, features

  • The Adidas ProTour Backpack Orange has two padded handles to protect your back.
  • Approximate size of 48 x 14 x 31 cm.
  • It has two pockets, one for the padel racket and another main one.
  • Side pockets and one on the front to store personal items that are easier to lose.
  • Made with 100% polyester
  • Materials that repel water.
  • It belongs to the Adidas Padel 2022 backpack collection

Who is it for? Ideal for athletes who go to training on a motorcycle or bicycle as they need something more comfortable to wear. In addition, it does not have an excessively large size, so it will not be uncomfortable.

Why will you like it? Because it has been designed with a very cool aesthetic in black with details such as the logo and lines on the front in orange. Also if you run out of space you can combine it with the new orange ProTour padel bag.

Find out more about the ADIDAS brand

Equip yourself like professional players with Adidas Padel, a firm that dresses Seba Nerone, Marta Ortega, Ale Galán and Alex Ruiz. Without a doubt, the best example of quality in all its products. Do like them and experience the best sensations on the court with its new 2022 padel catalog.

Discover its wide range of padel tennis rackets, clothing, footwear, bags and other accessories at the best price. You will find the one that best suits your needs since adidas has an advanced range, a medium range and an initial range to satisfy all audiences. Find out for yourself!

Features Player: Man Year: 2022
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