Black Friday Padel 2022

The countdown begins for Black Friday 2022 , as we don't want you to wait until November 25 at 00:00, we have made a pre-selection of products, where we will add more products, until Padel Black Friday when all the offers will be complete existing. Don't miss out, new products every day! Until they run out...

The best selection of offers on padel tennis products for Black Friday , a scandalous discount on our selection of sneakers, padel tennis rackets, padel rackets and accessories. These offers will soon return to their normal price.

Little by little we will add more offers until November 25, 2021, Black Friday with the most aggressive offers in the early hours of the night or while supplies last.

Black Friday 2022 black week offers will end on November 30, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.



When is padel black friday 2022?

Black friday 2021 will be on Friday, November 25 , although from the beginning of the month we will be introducing many new offers so you can buy in advance.

Black Friday padel rackets on offer

You will find the best deals on black friday padel rackets in Zona de Padel, only during the black week to find rackets at the best price on the internet. Of all the main brands, Bullpadel, Head, Nox, Adidas... Accompany it with a bag and you will have the best BlackFriday padel 2022 of your entire life .

Discover our selection Head Padel and Adidas padel for black friday, you will surely find last minute offers

Black Friday padel tennis offers, crazy prices

All the padel shoes in this section are under constant supply, Asics Padel joins black friday, look for your size and find the shoe that best fits. Remember that it is for a limited time and Asics Padel is also included in our super promotion.

We also have balls in black friday promotion for a limited time during the black friday before the christmas campaign.

Black Friday in padel clothing 2022

Clothes to play padel tennis with the best discounts, from the start of the black weekend until it ends, you can save on your purchases of padel tennis, the best quality clothes with the maximum offer, only for one weekend.

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